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Nokia (NOK -1.8%) roundup: 1) Digitimes reports Nokia has placed orders with contract...

Nokia (NOK -1.8%) roundup: 1) Digitimes reports Nokia has placed orders with contract manufacturer Compal, which might ship 3M+ units of a single model in 2H. There's a good chance the model in question is the EOS Lumia phone, expected to be called the 1020. 2) Nokia is offering up to $300 to U.S. consumers to trade in their existing phones for a Lumia. 3) iSuppli estimates Nokia's new 105 feature phone (aimed at China and other emerging markets) has a manufacturing cost of just $14.20; the phone's chips cost a mere $5.25, and its color display $2.25. iSuppli's figure suggests the 105 has a 29% gross margin in spite of its $20 price.
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  • pretty impressive 20$ phone nets them almost 30% in GM... now just to see if that line takes off in EMs
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  • Q2 and Q3 earnings for Nokia look bright in my view. This past Q2 has 928 and overseas 925 sales, just in their premium phone sales and not emerging markets. Q3 will have the 1020 sales.


    Just picked up some more Jan 2014 call options, 4.50 strike.


    Btw, lol @ blackberry today.
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  • Ste


    "Btw, lol @ blackberry today. "


    LOL you hater!


    Not funny for the long BB crowd though.
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  • 29% gross margin in $20 high-quality feature phone w/ over 1 month of standby-time, specifically designed for emerging markets. Brilliant engineering.


    Or like one of my favorite quotes, along the lines: "Any fool can build a bridge, but it takes ingenuity to build one w/o wasting resources".
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  • Hope you don't mind if I borrow your quote :-)
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  • Seppo,


    And, it has a flashlight. Now that's really good thinking for low wage markets. I mean I even need a key-chain light once in a while and I live in California, USA. Really nice touch that little flashlight. Like a utility phone.
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  • Seppo2,


    I agree completely. 29% margins on a $20 feature phone is genius.
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  • I don't want to spoil the party but I think most of us knew the margin on this phone some time ago. Their a little late to the party.There have been articles posted about this a while back.
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  • 32 analyst had buy ratings on Blackberry. 23 of them had raised their target. Blackberry reported and promptly lost 20% of it's price.
    Nokia is maligned by the same lying, manipulating no-accounts. What do you think that stock will do when they report in July?
    If you're thinking for yourself and not listening to the quote unquote analysts you're probably about to make a lot of money.


    Long Nokia
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  • What


    I get no analyst reports on any stocks I follow. They are worthless sacks of cow-dung. They are usually split something like 50/50 or 60/40 which should tell any average thinker they have no clue.
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  • I totally agree Dallam. They have no clue or they know exactly what they're doing, which would make what they do criminal.


    Long Nokia
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  • Good news, yet the stock goes down on the news. LOL.


    I'm thinking when Nokia announces positive results, it will probably tank. Time to back up the truck.
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  • Yes! Margins...finally!
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  • Finally - some good news.
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  • Nokia better patent their engineering because as we speak Samsung (and other Asian manufacturers) are already exactly copying Nokia's concept.
    29 Jun 2013, 07:47 AM Reply Like
  • Nokia's R&D spending is extremely high, so I'm not too worried. I read an article which suggested they lower it so it's not so much of a large percentage of their equity. As a technologist, I have to disagree with that approach, accounting and financials are never the right way to go to lead a technology company.


    HP and Dell already tried that and failed miserably.
    29 Jun 2013, 04:49 PM Reply Like
  • Some might want to read this ;)

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