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Pres. Obama's climate plan was mostly upbeat for natural gas (GAZ, UNG), and shares of gas...

Pres. Obama's climate plan was mostly upbeat for natural gas (GAZ, UNG), and shares of gas companies such as Chesapeake (CHK) and Cabot (COG) rose. But included in the fine print is an "interagency methane strategy" that could prompt new regulations after closer looks at the scope of leaks from gas wells, pipelines and plants. Methane, a key gas component, is 25x as potent a greenhouse gas as carbon dioxide.
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  • Cows produce as much green house pollutants as cars.



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  • Cows produce Methane true. Put the waste it in oil storage tanks with a little grass and pipe it into the system. We don't need oil tanks if we use Natural Gas for fuel and produce electricity with Nuclear the cleanest ans safest.
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  • Of course the cons jump on the "cows produce as much pollutants as human do" if you read the article you see that experts disagree just how much and it is more denial by the cons that global climate change is real and warming of the planet is accelerating. I am also sure the coal industry who is fighting for their lives says the same red herring. Coal is dead and should be. Fracking is fine as long as procedures are followed. The USGA did a report and it said that the tons of waste water that is disposed of in abandoned wells was the cause of earth tremors.
    But don't let me get in the way of the Obama haters. Imagine 3 plus more years and then you get another Clinton for prez. Wow, won;t that be fun. LOL
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  • Another Clinton for President? Probably. Despite her having the same foreign policy stances as Dick Cheney, as she voted for both wars, all funding, is for drones and enhanced interrogation, and was as vocally supportive of the Iraq War as anyone. Yet she is up big in all National polls and Cheney is the most hated man in the country. Go figure. It will be interesting to see how the anti-war folks from 2003-2004 spin their support for Clinton. As we all know it has to do with the D after her name.


    Of course a Senator on the Armed Services Committee who is a former First Lady may not have as superior information as Cheney (sarcasm).


    But of course by 2016 the public will believe she never supported the Iraq War just as Bill never signed DOMA and was always in favor of gay marriage.
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  • Stocknerd trust me, I am not what you think. I am a believer. Go look at my previous comments.


    However I do believe that livestock also contribute alot of green house gases.
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  • You are completely correct, Mr D. Given the hundreds of millions of cows/cattle around the world, the amount of methane they produce is nothing to poo-poo (yes, that pun was intended). Other than eating less meat and drinking less milk, there is little we can currently do about that, but we can at least do something about the methane released in the process of extracting natural gas. (It sounds like we already agree on that).
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  • GasFrac
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  • The biggest increase is in methane is from Global Warming.
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  • Here is the difference between cow pollution and car pollution. On a net/net basis cows are simply recycling the co2 absorbed by plants back into the air. Cars are using fossil fuels that would have otherwise stayed out of the carbon cycle.


    Another pillar of the climate denier idiocy smashed to pieces.
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  • How much unnecessary injection into the carbon cycle is created by AF1 or limousine liberals that hate cycle? Could we start there?
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  • We seem to have transfigured the country into a government by fiat, where rules and regulations of all kinds are simply imposed over any and all industries.


    When did the US become a nation solely governed by the executive branch, abetted by the supreme court?
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  • When the politicians in the senate and the house became so beholden to the Super Pacs and their lobbyists that they became totally dysfunctional. We no longer have a democracy: we have a Super-Pac-ocracy.
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  • Don't think Hillary will run but Michelle O might?? oh my!
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  • No fan of anyone who stands silently by while a horribly racist war on certain Americans continues, or even steps it up despite sharing their race. The term Uncle Tom comes to mind. Not a fan of the idea of his spouse either, but actually she might do less harm.


    Age of ADD irrationalism and ├╝ber political correctness will prevail until we have totalitarianism under democracy devoid of liberty. Then the next superpower will supercede.


    Really bitter, cynical and disappointed on my off days. With some cause, I would argue.
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  • Alan Grayson
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  • What about the poor HARD WORKING American?
    How are we supposed to pay to heat and cool our homes with this boondoggle going on?
    Watch out young people, you think its bad living with mom and dad because you can't get a job?
    Just wait till good old mom and pop start asking for RENT money to help pay for the gas and electric, not to mention the ever increasing tax bills!
    Oh yeah, don't forget to say thank you to good old Albert Gore Jr. he will be making BILLIONS off the pain and misery of this wealth transfer called climate change!


    Looks like Cass Sunstein's "NUDGE" just became a "Shove"!
    The will of the people needs to be respected by OUR presidents, including the current one who believes he can rule by executive order!


    God help us all!
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  • The problem is aggravated by passing off wind/solar as replacement for coal/nuke/natty gas. The force-feeding of tax-payer subsidized wind generated electricity will the demise of our "normal" balance of power generation from base load vs intermittent load. Not only is electricity pricing going to get expensive but the ability to have lights by demand may be in jeopardy. Currently 2 nuke plants in Illinois operate 15% of the time at negative pricing where EXC pays customers to take their power.



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  • Wait for the brownouts\blackouts - it'll be something else's fault though.
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  • With the other side being controlled by big oil and Obama's wind and solar It seams there is no hope to solve global warming. I was convinced years ago that Nuclear power for electricity and Natural Gas for transportation was the answer. Now with Umpqua Energy new invention that should reduces HC, CO, PM and NOx. by 85% or more. It will work on power plants also but you can't use Natural Gas for everything. Believe me I have talked to people in government about this till I am blue in the face. The only thing our government seams to be interested in is money in there pocket. Its a sad day for us becuse we are going no where.
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  • I'll thow in my anger at the health industy's lobby. i pay $1750 per month for a policy with a $6000. deductible. a few of the drugs i receive are carrier non-formularly and i don't even get credit towards my deuctible. i buy a drug directly from uk in a box that says made in the usa for half of what walmart sells it for in sun shinny miami.


    i am just about in the top one cert. i can balance my buget. a couple making $100,000. per year just could not make it, much less prepare for the future.


    of cause the one-payer plan never happened. i understand the arguements both ways. but what passed was so cut up my the lobbist's pressure, that it is a mess


    i likely can lower my premiums through the national insurance exchange BUT i will have to go bare--without health ins--for about 4 weeks to do it. how much saving will i get to gamble going bare.


    my small business has less than 50 employees, so i don't get dinged there. in the current economy some will be forced to tighten their belts or cut back full timers to part time.


    61 years old and fairly healthy. the expensive drug i get from england is an appetite suppressant to help me not become too heavy and a diabetic in the future.


    cow farts are nothing compared to the leaks on 35% of the mature
    gas wells world -wide. per scientific american--not a leftie rag--
    describes most gas wells as a 1 inche concrete wall with a steel tube running thousands of feet. concrete cracks and methane leaks whether or not fracking is employed.


    cow farts or not, there is nothing perfect outside of our imaginations. and the same age old problems will always exist:
    how many farting cows can fit on the face of the earth?
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  • What about the methane, co2, so2, etc. expelled through oceanic vents world-wide? Add that to your cows. And volcanoes... Etc., etc. Humans pale in comparison to what the planet itself puts out.


    Oh - you pay too much for sub-standard insurance. I recommend shopping that around.


    Oh yeah! Try exercise and a decent diet and skip the drug that you're cross-docking through a UK pharmacy. Just say no to the snacks - they will not jump up and hop down your throat.
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  • pre-obama care. no one else will write me health insurance that is any better than what i have.


    the leeching methane along with whatever is in fracking fluids leaks sometimes, not all the time through the 1"concrete wall of the tube which protects the environment ie the aquifer where your drinking water originates. there is not a water problem everywhere we drill or frack. concrete is porous and cracks?


    i am not a scientist and i hope and prey for the future of natural gas in the usa--it would have the potential to solve or at least push us in the right direction with some many different areas of concern.
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  • what, me worry?
    alfred e. newman, a great american
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  • Every win elitist Obama claims is a slap in the face of hard-working Middle-class Americans trying to make ends meet.
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  • True, True, True... SolidHigh! The "Middle class" is slowly going away....
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  • Coal mines produce methane. Shutdown all coal mines and cave them in.
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  • Humans emit CO2 - eradicate them. What a foolish argument.
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