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Is the "iWatch" now official? Apple (AAPL) has filed a request to trademark the term "iWatch" in...

Is the "iWatch" now official? Apple (AAPL) has filed a request to trademark the term "iWatch" in Japan, categorizing it as a handheld computer or watch device. Sony has been selling its SmartWatch for a year, while Samsung is developing a rival product also.
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  • losmarinos
    , contributor
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    Apple Late to the Game again. They are not good at responding to competition. They should have introduced a Large iPhone at least 1 year ago, and it looks like it will be next year before the finally Get it, ie 2 years late.
    They refused to admit that there are lots of their own customers who want a Larger Screen for Browsing and reading. No wonder the shares have dumped.
    1 Jul 2013, 03:57 AM Reply Like
  • Drystone
    , contributor
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    I am happy they do not make bigger IPhones. There are handheld mini Ipads for that and as a phone, perfect size whereas the competition and their phones are like holding a steak. I smile every time I see people using a clumsy phone like that. It is like a mantra with bigger screens! As if it was necessary, but is only a result of what marketing efforts and commercial thinking, not of customer need!
    1 Jul 2013, 09:10 AM Reply Like
  • trader_al
    , contributor
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    Whenever and whatever they introduce will be better than the products currently in the marketplace - mp3 players were around when Apple introduced the iPod, they were "late to the party" then. Their were other mobile phones when Apple introduced the iPhone, they were "late to the party then". They will be "late to the party" with an iWatch, but it will have style and design that blows all others out of the water.
    1 Jul 2013, 09:34 AM Reply Like
  • Camden
    , contributor
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    By your definition, Apple was more than five years "late" to the game in smartphones and tablets also. How did those work out for them?
    1 Jul 2013, 10:03 AM Reply Like
  • Warren Buffet007
    , contributor
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    Don't worry ,be Happy, all the best of the best , comes a little bit later.
    1 Jul 2013, 10:58 AM Reply Like
  • Want2buygold
    , contributor
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    Me too product ?
    1 Jul 2013, 04:06 AM Reply Like
  • Vipertom
    , contributor
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    AAPL has a reputation of not being the first to the party, but providing the best product. Personally, I'd rather have the later.
    1 Jul 2013, 04:59 AM Reply Like
  • imac007
    , contributor
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    Tim Cook refers to this class of products as wearable technology, with an emphasis on the wrist. The wrist represents the point of maximum range and flexibility while leaving fingers free.


    I think it is their starting point for the human interface. Siri connection via Bluetooth, allows a new generation of Siri capable apps, to let you leave everything from your keys, wallet or phone in your briefcase, pocket or purse.


    Add biometric sensors, like a fingerprint sensor, to the strap, on a pendant, or other wearable to make us, our voice and biometrics, a way of touching the world securely. We become both the interface and security solution in one.


    A new world where you touch, not just ears, but the things around you, with your voice.


    Next, an iDevices store, for developers to create apps and things to connect to.


    Innovation isn't the problem, it's where to start, and how to connect it to the ecosystem. How to be a conduit for innovation and monetize it, is their issue.
    1 Jul 2013, 11:40 AM Reply Like
  • pman6
    , contributor
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    apple was first with the big screen touch phone.
    iphone was a success.


    iwatch is last to market. likely will be a flop.
    1 Jul 2013, 06:26 AM Reply Like
  • bgold1955
    , contributor
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    Just like iPod, iPhone, and iPad.
    1 Jul 2013, 07:09 AM Reply Like
  • Keep It Simple
    , contributor
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    Apple doesn't release flops when it comes to their new product categories.
    1 Jul 2013, 01:34 PM Reply Like
  • hardmanb
    , contributor
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    Watches that work with Apple Apps have been on the market for three years, made by third party accessory manufactures. Apple watches their problems, revenues, profits, and app and technical capabilities development. They let third party "early" products "develop" while doing their own experimentation, working with app developers and refining the design. They will not introduce an "Apple" product until the market, technical and design capabilities are mature, and they can introduce a "killer" product with IP protection. Apple knows that the iWatch is inevitable. App developers are already clamoring for an Apple product. But Apple works secretly (due to the copiers, infringers and Patent trolls). They don't care about being "first", and won't announce until the timing and product are "right".
    1 Jul 2013, 08:35 AM Reply Like
  • LoisK
    , contributor
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    I love the way Apple products integrate with each other and I am looking forward to the Apple watch for one reason. This is the reason that most females with Iphones will buy the device if it is even somewhat attractive. We cannot hear the phones ringing in our purse and we miss important calls. If the watch vibrates and you can touch it so that a message is sent to the caller to" wait until I get my phone", that would be very helpful. Of course there will be other bells and whistles, but I would get it just for that.
    1 Jul 2013, 10:58 AM Reply Like
  • orthophonist
    , contributor
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    Funny thing about being late; good design and stunning execution can leapfrog over the market. Let's hope this somewhat uninspired leadership can continue with that tradition.
    1 Jul 2013, 09:02 AM Reply Like
  • rrosey2
    , contributor
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    The minute the brilliant Apple iWatch hits the market, everyone will say: "What a genius is Cook, how smart" !
    1 Jul 2013, 02:11 PM Reply Like
  • Wipeout
    , contributor
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    Samsung had no fewer than 20 devices competing with AAPL products. They hardly make any money from all these products. The reliability of their products are questionable, the warranty claims should hit them hard. Having so many different products, they cannot possible make any decent and reliable products. No wonder they share price had plummeted recently.


    Samsung now try to copy cat 'iWatch'. For heaven's sake, can't they innovated something else instead of copying???
    1 Jul 2013, 09:04 AM Reply Like
  • Wipeout
    , contributor
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    Samsung had made available over 20 devices all at the same time and made absolutely no money, none of their products are as reliable as the APPL products.


    Samsung should be worrying about what they are doing more so than APPL. Fancy doing the iWatch "copy cat" once again, can't they innovate something else?
    1 Jul 2013, 09:05 AM Reply Like
  • pocohonta
    , contributor
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    Whatever Apple does, they better make sure it cannot be copied or infringed upon, especially by their suppliers in Asia (Samsung, Hon Hai and others), who are also trying to make their own product instead of just being low-cost suppliers/assemblers.)


    Here's an article about Hon Hai (Foxconn) making their wearable watch:
    1 Jul 2013, 01:06 PM Reply Like
  • CatchallInvesting
    , contributor
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    Aapl products that sinc will always have a market. But until they are on the shelf they may not be able to stop the down pressure on the stock. Everyone is sure they will have a new category in the future.
    4 Jul 2013, 03:29 PM Reply Like
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