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Amazon (AMZN +2.5%) crosses $300 for the first time and closes just slightly below the mark...

Amazon (AMZN +2.5%) crosses $300 for the first time and closes just slightly below the mark after ChannelAdvisor (ECOM +3.6%) reports same-store sales for clients relying on Amazon rose 30.6% Y/Y in June, better than May's disappointing 25.8% and even with April. eBay (EBAY +1.8%) clients posted 17.7% same-store growth, up from May's 16% but below April's 20.5% - auctions -17.2%, fixed-price sales +18.9%, Motors +27.8%. In a positive for Google (GOOG +1.7%), search ad-driven same-store sales rose 5.1% and shopping engine sales 10%; those numbers are better than May's -0.8% and +0.3%. Topeka notes Amazon faced tougher comps in June than May.
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  • AMZN's June numbers were below every month on Q1, and Q2 numbers were 4.6% below Q1 ... the numbers imply AMZN will miss revenue expectations (pre-accounting change).
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  • they could miss revenue expectations and the stock would still rise, it just depends on how the next quarter's guidance pans out.
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  • Guidance from AMZN? Really? lol! AMZN guidance usually has such a big spread no one pays attention anymore. No, it will all depend on how they spin the "investing for the future" line, and how gullible the market eats it up.


    Check out the Alexa numbers. I know they don't tell the whole story, but they sure are lousy. Look at the 'time on site', 'page views', and 'search visits' metrics. Then compare trends with
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  • What a heresy by Alexa about its own parent, Amazon !
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  • The mighty AMZN does it again! It's one of those stocks that I do _not_ want to touch!
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  • Great company, great stock.
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  • What could you buy with AMZN's current market cap of $138.5 bil
    AutoZone $15.6bil
    Delta Airlines 16.0 bil
    the Gap 20.6bil
    Whole foods 20.3bil
    Applied Materials 19.6bil
    Kroger 19.4 bil
    Macy's 19.0bil
    H&R Block 8.1 bil
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  • And in terms of its competitors:


    140 Barnes & Nobles
    2 eBays
    1/2 a Walmart
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  • And in terms of a company in the news today:


    Amazon is worth 2 of Boeing companies!
    Online Retail vs. Rocket Science!


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  • Well I bought Amazon in the very early days when the shares constantly "split." You remember when it sold books only. I am one of those "small retail investors" that everyone in the business media talks about. I paid off my home with my long-term gains from Amazon (against my stock broker's advice to reinvest the gain) and still own 500 shares. Do I fear it could become another Apple? Of course! I watch it closely. Though it would be nice if it would split yet again....not likely though.
    13 Jul 2013, 04:00 AM Reply Like
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