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More on Apple: Ahead of the FQ3 report, KGI Securities' Ming-Chi Kuo (more accurate than most...

More on Apple: Ahead of the FQ3 report, KGI Securities' Ming-Chi Kuo (more accurate than most with his scoops) backs up Digitimes in reporting component issues will lead the iPhone 5S (AAPL -0.8%) to be supply-constrained at launch. He also joins others in predicting a retina iPad Mini won't launch until 2014 (Kuo thinks March/April), and sees production of a new non-retina Mini starting in December. A cheaper iPhone is seen arriving in September, but with 2013 production capped at 26M vs. prior forecasts of 30M-40. Refreshed iMacs and MacBook Pros sporting Intel Haswell CPUs are respectively seen launching by the end of August and mid-September.
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  • Great! More execution problems for Apple if this guy is correct, as he often is...I still would sell now or wait. After mediocre earnings is usually a bad time to sell. If Apple surprises significantly up, then look out. Here are the headlines for tomorrow if he is right and the guidance reflects more delays: "An army of Apple product delays, missteps and no-shows this fall--again." "Cupertino seems to have lost its ability to execute, not just innovate." "Apple can't even bring out an S upgrade on time anymore."
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  • aapl......down 10% after earnings.......every passing day Jobs missed more!!!!
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  • that 10% move simply brings AAPL down to just below the 52 week low around 385. that doesn't scare me and I will sell Puts at that point. It's the break below that 375 to 380 point that keeps me from going long. anyway, we don't have long to wait now!
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  • I wonder if a dividend increase will be used to counter the weak quarter. Perhaps if their guidance for next quarter is strong enough then it won't matter.


    Still, I wouldn't mind a dividend hike and a sharp drop in share price. That'd be an attractive point to go long.
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  • Well, usually when you see what appear to be coordinated rumors saying it will be bad, bad, bad...the big boys are baiting and buying!! I wouldn't rule a blowout impossible....
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  • If these reports are true, how much more incompetence can we put up with Tim Cook. The man heads a technology company and they do not come out with a new product for 8 or 9 months. Give me a break. It seems that Samsung is coming out with a new innovation every few months. I never hear that they have any problems launching a new product. Never a delay. What a total disappointment this leader of the greatest company in the world has become.
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  • All that on an "if"?
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  • Breaking - Tim Cook announces new product disruption - iCar. Slated for release October 2013. Comes with embedded iPad like screen on the dash board and doors. Includes an embedded iPhone system with push to talk for communicating with near by iCars. New production will be manufactured through a joint venture with Tesla Motors (TSLA). Investors bail on GM and Ford aftermarket.


    Aftermarket gainers: (AAPL) -15%. (TSLA) -145%
    Aftermarket loosers: (GM) - 35%, (F) -40%. Aftermarket trading halted for (GM), (F).
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  • Oh dear, best sell my Apple stock and buy when the price goes higher......doh....!
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  • Nice try Shortie!
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  • shame on all the analyst about. Never believe them. They are circular knife who wants make money in both ways.
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  • When someone try yesterday Shortie, he lose a lot of money today!
    I absolutely not recommended to go Shortie on Apple!, It make no sense with one of the best profitable Worldwide Companies!
    24 Jul 2013, 12:07 PM Reply Like
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