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After a series of "arduous" and meticulous" negotiations, the EU and Chinese solar panel makers...

After a series of "arduous" and meticulous" negotiations, the EU and Chinese solar panel makers have settled their long-running trade dispute. Under the terms of the deal, Chinese companies can export up to seven gigawatts each year as long as the price doesn't fall below 0.56/ watt. Exports in excess of the annual limit or sold below the minimum price will be subject to duties averaging 47% beginning in August. It appears the Chinese come out ahead given that, according to FT, the minimum price "is in line with recent averages [but] well below the 0.80" EU companies "deemed reasonable." On watch Monday: YGE, JASO, LDK, TSL, JKS, SOL, CSIQ, among others.
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  • Ok that is settled in favor of China Companies, I own good bit of (SOL) and some (JASO) that I may add to on any pullback. My (SOL) is profitable now up 30% my (JASO) however is a longer term hold prior to the revers split so I need few hundred more shares of that which are the two low cost producers.
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  • Correction: I think the figures given should be in EUR cents, not in USD. See Bb article:

    27 Jul 2013, 11:42 AM Reply Like
  • Chineese solars topping on monday
    27 Jul 2013, 12:41 PM Reply Like
  • Buy the rumor sell the news type thoughts then? No longer term views or just figure the pop will pull back to launch point prices then begin creep back up? Just wondering.


    27 Jul 2013, 12:44 PM Reply Like
  • i am an autoditact 80years years old after the debacle of 2009 were the banks lost most of my holdings i decided that if i am going to loose my money i would do it mysefl and not let these stupid bankers do it for me since then not only i made my losses , back but i way ahead takes some work but it nis well worth it
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  • i am retired for almost 26 years started working in France i was 12 years old , started my first busisness sucessfully at age 16 then a second one at age 37 and sold it at age 52 since then i have been enjoying life with my loving wife of 60 years
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  • that should keep the european solar installers happy for a while and the Chinese solar stock going up.
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  • most of the Chinese solars under heavy debt, so after this spike, it might be better to take some profit. 200-500% run in the last few months. Why be greedy.
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  • Why get out now?? All the signs are pointing towards things getting better in the sector and companies like YGE TSL and JKS getting back to profitability within a year or so.
    I would say what we have seen so far is the introduction to a new solar boom. JKS could realistically be trading at 30$ a share within 2 years and so on.
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  • Got some JKS, Tsl and Sol. Investing in stocks is to make money and use the money. So once you get a 200-500% return in less than 1 year, it is time to use the 200-500%. These stocks can go Taliban on you, when you least expect it. Will keep 25% for fun.
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  • I have been playing some solar stocks heavily this year. It should lead to a momentum rally for the solar stocks next week. This is a year of solar stocks.
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  • Everybody seems to hate LDK solar. Probably because it has the most debt. But doesn't that mean that they also have the most assets?? It would make sense to me that the more indebted companies would have more upside as they recover as compared to a company with not as much debt. If you look at the charts most Chinese solars have rallied a lot this year with the exception of LDK solar. I believe they are just a little behind the rest of the industry and there is huge upside ahead. For example a few weeks ago a headline came out about increased solar goals from the Chinese Government and out of every company in the industry LDK rallied the most!
    28 Jul 2013, 08:41 PM Reply Like
  • I´ve been long $YGE for a while, having withstand the contraction in recent years, but took the chance to add and diminish my average price, so if the solars are to become food for the bulls, it would finally lead me to a winning stance. Moral is to adjust and if you believe in such stock keep it and double it up. It worked in my case, Regards.
    29 Jul 2013, 08:08 AM Reply Like
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