Potash turmoil 'a complete game changer'

|By:, SA News Editor

Credit Suisse calls the dismantling of one of the world's largest potash partnerships "a complete game changer," with share prices in the sector possibly cut in half. "Our guys are saying don't go anywhere near" the big fertilizer names; "we would not be bottom fishers here."

JPMorgan is out defending the group, thinking Mosaic (MOS -21.4%) should be down $8 and Potash (POT -20.9%) down $5; says a $50/ton drop in pricing would knock EPS by $0.75 for MOS and $0.40 for POT, far better than peers.

IPI -29.5%, CMP -26.8%, AGU -3.8%, UAN -2.5%, CF -0.2%.