Next-gen Kindle Fire specs leaked, Qualcomm a winner

|By:, SA News Editor

BGR follows up on its July 9 scoop about new Kindle Fire (AMZN -0.1%) models sporting higher-resolution displays by reporting next-gen 7" and 8.9" Fire HD models will use Qualcomm's (QCOM +1%) top-of-the-line Snapdragon 800 CPU (quad-core, reportedly clocked at 2GHz.).

Texas Instruments, which has thus far been Amazon's app processor supplier, announced last fall it's exiting the mobile app processor market.

The 8.9" Fire HD will reportedly have an 8MP rear camera; the 7" model will be camera-free.

The entry-level Kindle Fire will ship with 8GB-32GB of storage; the HD models will have 16GB-64GB.

Amazon is reportedly aiming for a fall launch.

The updated Fires will arrive with Barnes & Noble gradually exiting the tablet market, and reports indicating a retina iPad Mini won't launch until 2014. However, Amazon will have to compete with a new Nexus 7 (receiving good reviews) and Samsung's refreshed Galaxy Tab/Note lineup.