Potash cartel breakup could help U.S. farmers, consumers

|About: Potash Corporation of Saska... (POT)|By:, SA News Editor

The breakup of the potash cartel could benefit U.S. farmers and eventually trickle down to U.S. consumers, analysts say.

A 25% drop in potash prices to ~$300/ton by year-end could save the average U.S. corn farmer ~$10/acre in production costs, which would cut total costs by 3% for many producers.

Top fertilizer stocks Potash (POT), Mosaic (MOS) and Agrium (AGU) suffered big hits today as lower potash prices will impact earnings, but U.S. farmers could wind up using more of the crop nutrient; potash now accounts for ~21% of U.S. fertilizer consumption.

Large diversified agribusiness companies, such as Monsanto (MON), shouldn't be directly affected by the potash turmoil.