Garmin higher after beating estimates, reaffirming guidance

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Garmin's (GRMN +2.8%) 2013 revenue, gross margin, and and EPS guidance is unchanged.

Automotive/mobile revenue (49% of total) continues to fall thanks to smartphones: sales -12% Y/Y in Q2 vs. -10% in Q1. CEO Cliff Pemble: "We also anticipate that declines in the PND market will continue to be a significant headwind. [Q3] will be particularly challenging..."

But Aviation sales were healthy (+16% was +10% prior), and so were Marine (+7% vs. -10%) and Outdoor (+6% vs. -1%). Fitness +3% vs. +2%.

Outdoor, Fitness, and Aviation all have 65%-70% gross margins. Marine has a 56% GM, and Automotive/Mobile only 45%. Thus a mix shift away from PNDs lifts Garmin's margins.

Gross margin was 55%, +300 bps Q/Q (seasonality a factor) but -400 bps Y/Y. Op margin was 24% vs. 15% in Q1 and 28% a year ago.

Opex -2% Y/Y vs. -3% rev. growth.

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