Google roundup: New product launches; decent reviews for Moto X

|By:, SA News Editor

Reviews generally give a thumbs-up to the Moto X, Its solid battery life, customization options, and unique software features are praised, but its less-than-top-notch specs (4.7" 720p display, dual-core CPU) receive some criticism.

Engadget's Joseph Volpe: "I like the Moto X ... I'm too used to that Active Display to calmly resume life with my DNA ... The price is just too darn high for what's on offer." The Verge's Joshua Topolsky (8.0 out of 10): "The additions to the software that Motorola has made are legitimately useful and really quite impressive."

Google (GOOG) has launched a beta for a real-time reporting API for Google Analytics. The API stands to give Google's legions of ad clients the ability to quickly act on data they receive from Analytics.

Addressing a big request of would-be enterprise Android users, Google has rolled out an device management app that allow companies to remotely track and wipe Android devices.

YouTube is creating a new production studio in NYC to complement its L.A. studio, as it continues ramping its professional content efforts.

Chrome, increasingly popular on mobile (and helping Google lower its Mobile Safari traffic acquisition costs), now has touch-based gesture controls.