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Ford's sales in China accelerate

  • Ford (F) grew sales in China by 71% to 72,834 vehicles in July in tandem with its local partners.
  • Brisk demand for the Focus model paced the strong month.
  • YTD sales in China for the automaker are up 50% to 480,555 through the end of July.
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  • Great News!


    Let's start producing the F-150 and the Ranger Truck in China-the sooner the better
    6 Aug 2013, 07:16 AM Reply Like
  • Is there demand for midsize and large personal pickup trucks in China? They seem to be more interested in small-midsize cars and crossovers for the masses, and a few chaufferred near-luxury sedans for management-types.
    6 Aug 2013, 11:45 AM Reply Like
  • Tdot,


    China is building FIFTY brand new airports, constructing an interstate vehicle highway system as extensive as the USA, building housing, apartments, etc all over the country and has a huge agricultural sector (all huge markets for the F-150). My guess is that truck production is nearly as explosive as passenger vehicle production. So far, Alan has been very SILENT on this topic and I cannot understand why. Maybe there are laws in China prohibiting foreign truck makers from producing there.


    If you uncover the answer, please inform all of us. Thanks.
    6 Aug 2013, 12:57 PM Reply Like
  • As for the legal aspect, the Chinese Government has been very clear about restrictions on imported automobiles. Outright importing of complete vehicles is pretty much forbidden.


    The normal requirement is for foreign automakers to partner with local automakers, using locally sourced components and systems, building new plants to build vehicles for sale in China, and for exporting to the rest of Asia. Alternatively, foreign automakers can import broken down subassemblies for their partners to assemble together, but there are extra fees for that as well.
    6 Aug 2013, 03:00 PM Reply Like
  • Having a personal pickup truck to haul around personal goods and work supplies is a rather uniquely American thing. Almost nowhere else in the world do you see a random guy driving to the office in a personal pickup truck that he also uses to haul landscaping and deck materials on the weekend, or to tow the boat to the camp site on the lake.


    In the US, pickup trucks as a class, like Ford's F-series, have been the top selling new vehicles for some 40 years or longer. It is almost part of the culture - perhaps it is part of the American Dream along with the Pioneering Frontiersman, Farmer, Rancher, and Cowboy in their blood and DNA. That is what you would think anyway, to look at any pickup truck commercial.


    Those underpaid construction workers in China ride buses and subways and things to the work site - the tools and equipment are provided by the government / contractor. They don't haul their own tools and materials around. Others take care of that stuff. Worker bees in China don't need a heavy-hauling truck to do their work.


    Cottage industries in China are growing fast, assembling LED light bulbs and digital watches and things, mostly knock-offs and counterfeits, and they use small cargo vans like the Transit Connect to haul their goods to the shipping hub. Not big pickups.
    6 Aug 2013, 02:32 PM Reply Like
  • There are like "taxi-rented Uhauls" that used to flood the streets of Shanghai.
    6 Aug 2013, 02:41 PM Reply Like
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