This year's bond selloff looking a lot like 1994

|By:, SA News Editor

The meme that the 1994 bond market (AGG, BND) selloff won't happen again takes a blow as FRBNY researchers take a look and find this year's decline thus far is tracking 1994's carnage (and 2003's) fairly closely.

Where the moves differ is in the shape of the yield curve. 1994's rise in long-term yields was accompanied by higher short-term rates (as investors anticipated Fed rate hikes), leading to little-change in the yield curve. In 2013, there's been very little movement at the short-end, meaning investors are simply demanding more yield to hold longer-dated paper.

Popular Treasury ETFs: TLT, TBT.

Yield curve ETFs: STPP, FLAT.

Treasury bull Bill Gross (BOND) is beginning to sound maybe just the slightest bit desperate, tweeting minutes ago: "JOLTS data do NOT validate 200K payroll prints. More like 125K. Taper may be delayed if Yellen has a big vote."

Today's Jobs Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) is here.