GSV Capital rallying thanks to Q2 report, Twitter IPO buzz

|About: GSV Capital (GSVC)|By:, SA News Editor

GSV Capital (GSVC +5.1%) is trading higher after posting its Q2 report. The investment firm reported a $2.4M ($0.12/share) investment loss, but also a $12.2M ($0.63/share) net change in unrealized appreciation for its investments.

GSV estimates its stake in Twitter was worth $37.6M as of June 30, and accounted for 15.1% of its net asset value.

Three other hot private tech companies rumored to be eying IPOs - analaytics software firm Palantir Technologies, cloud storage giant Dropbox, and flash storage appliance vendor Violin Memory - respectively made up 9.3%, 6.1%, and 5.8% of NAV (combined estimated value of $52.5M).

GSV shares are up 40% since Facebook delivered a blowout Q2 report, and subsequently saw its shares blast off. A higher valuation for Facebook could yield a higher post-IPO valuation for Twitter, which has had some mobile ad success of its own.

Twitter's IPO could be drawing closer. The company just hired a stock administration analyst, and recently posted a job opening for a financial reporting manager.

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