Hope for Windows Phone in W. Europe, SE Asia?

|By:, SA News Editor

IDC estimates Windows Phone (MSFT) only had a 3.7% global smartphone shipment share in Q2 on the back of 8.7M shipments (vs. 31.2M for the iPhone and 187.4M for Android).

But in spite of that figure (weighed down by low U.S. and Chinese shares), there are a handful of big markets where WP is faring notably better. As SA contributor Chandan Sarkar recently observed, Kantar estimates the OS' share has passed 8% in the U.K. and France, and (though falling) is still around 8% in Italy.

In May, Microsoft exec Terry Myerson claimed WP's share had hit 20% in Poland and Mexico. IDC puts its Polish and Mexican shares at 16% and 7%.

This week, Nokia (NOK) exec Jo Harlow claimed Nokia's smartphone share had topped 20% in Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. If true, the Lumia 520 is likely responsible for a big chunk of those gains.

The numbers arrive at a time when reviewers frequently praise the hardware craftsmanship that goes into high-end Lumia models, but also argue Windows Phone - due to missing/inferior apps and features - is holding them back.

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