Sunny weather boosts U.K. retails sales

|By:, SA News Editor

U.K retail sales +1.1% on month in July vs +0.2% in June and vs consensus of +0.6%.

On year, sales +3% vs +1.9% and 2.5%.

Excluding fuel, sales +1.1% on month vs +0.3% and +0.6%.

On year, sales ex fuel +3.1% vs +2.1% and +2.7%.

"Feedback from supermarkets suggested that the sunny weather boosted sales across a range of products, including food, alcohol, clothing and outdoor items," says the Office for National Statistics.

The pound zips up vs the dollar and is +0.5% at $1.15572, although the FTSE (-0.35%) shrugs and stays well into the red.

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