IBM scores $1B cloud services deal; Trusteer price reportedly $800M-$1B

|By:, SA News Editor

The Department of the Interior has awarded IBM (IBM -0.6%) a 10-year, $1B contract to provide a slew of cloud infrastructure services.

IBM's SmartCloud government and enterprise offerings are part of the package, as are SAP app hosting and cloud services tied to IBM's AIX (UNIX) OS.

The contract is IBM's biggest government cloud win to date, and comes as Big Blue continues to protest a $600M contract granted to Amazon Web Services by the CIA. IBM significantly grew its cloud infrastructure/Web hosting reach in June by acquiring private SoftLayer for a reported ~$2B.

Meanwhile, Israel's Ynet reports IBM paid $800M-$1B to acquire threat-protection software vendor Trusteer. IBM notes 7 of the top-10 U.S. banks, and 9 of the top-10 U.K. banks, use Trusteer to protect against "financial fraud and cyber attacks."

Like many security software upstarts, Trusteer relies on a cloud-based architecture to monitor Web activity and protect client hardware (inc. mobile devices). As Cisco's purchase of Sourcefire and FireEye's IPO filing indicate, enterprise interest in cybersecurity is picking up.