10-year Treasury yield wants 3%

|By:, SA News Editor

It's thin trading conditions, but the 10-year Treasury yield jumps 9 bps all of a sudden to 2.86%, touching a new 2-plus-year high. This despite weaker-than-expected consumer and housing data this morning.

TLT -0.8%, TBT +1.7%.

The move is taking a toll on stocks, where the S&P (SPY -0.4%) has slipped more than half a percent off the session high.

The mortgage REITs (REM -1.7%), (MORT -1.5%), (MORL -3.5%) quickly react to the downside. Leading are: Armour (ARR -2.9%), CYS (CYS -4.2%), Javelin (JMI -3.5%), Hatteras (HTS -2.3%), (MFA -2.6%), Annaly (NLY -1.9%), American Capital (AGNC -1.8%), Dynex (DX -1.4%).