65K BlackBerry World apps come from two developers

|About: BlackBerry Ltd. (BBRY)|By:, SA News Editor

A developer known as S4BB is responsible for over 48K of the apps found in the BlackBerry World (BBRY) app store. Meanwhile, a developer known as Mippin is responsible for another 17K+ apps (largely RSS feeds of sites).

BerryReview's Ronen Halevy on S4BB's app-publishing binge: "These apps are actually borderline legitimate apps though they are really stretching the definition of an 'app.' They offer different content in a similar wrapper ... I actually wonder how many ... have ever been purchased or downloaded."

Thorsten Heins proclaimed in May the number of apps available via BlackBerry World had topped 120K. Even if that figure has seen some moderate growth since then, S4BB and Mippin could still be responsible for 40%-50% of BlackBerry World apps.

In an effort to stoke BB10 app development, and narrow the huge leads held by iOS/Android with regards to available apps, BlackBerry has been promising $10K payouts for BB10 apps that yield at least $1K in sales.