AMD slumps following chip delay report

|By:, SA News Editor

Digitimes reports the arrival of low-end desktop CPUs based on AMD's (AMD -4.3%) recently-launched (28nm) Kabini architecture has been pushed back to March '14 from 2H13. Moreover, the arrival of Beema, Kabini's successor (also 28nm), has been pushed back to 1H15 from 2H14.

The site also reports AMD's high-end Hawaii GPUs will launch at the end of September; that's in-line with recent reports. Hawaii is pivotal to AMD's efforts to take back high-end GPU share from Nvidia's (NVDA -1%) Kepler GPUs. Nvidia is expected to launch its next-gen Maxwell GPU line in Q1 2014, and might refresh its Kepler lineup later this year.

Digitimes reported last month the launch of AMD's Kaveri CPUs (based on the 28nm Steamroller architecture and aimed at mid-range/high-end PCs) could be delayed until Feb. '14. Kaveri's successor, Carrizo (based on the 28nm Excavator architecture), is due in 2015.

CPU delays serve to extend Intel's (INTC -1.1%) manufacturing process edge over AMD. Intel is in the midst of ramping production of its second-gen 22nm Haswell CPUs, and is expected to launch its 14nm Broadwell CPUs in 2H14. 22nm and (subsequently) 14nm Atom CPUs are also on tap.