Google Android VP departs amidsts reports of soap opera-like drama

|By:, SA News Editor

Hugo Barra, Google's (GOOG) Android product development VP and a staple at the I/O conference, has left Google to become a VP at fast-growing Chinese Android phone vendor Xiaomi, which is fresh off raising funding at a $10B valuation.

Barra's departure comes amidst news co-founder/Google X chief Sergey Brin has separated from his wife, Anne Wojcicki, and amidst reports Brin is now in a relationship with a Google employee who was previously seeing Barra. Sources tell AllThingsD Barra tendered his resignation before this situation unfolded.

Regardless of Barra's motivations, he's now the second senior exec to leave the Android team this year. Andy Rubin, who led the Android division during its meteoric rise, was reassigned in March. His job was handed to Sundar Pichai, who's also in charge of Chrome and Apps.