Aruba lands Google/Starbucks Wi-Fi deal, Cisco still rules enterprise

|About: Aruba Networks, Inc. (ARUN)|By:, SA News Editor

Aruba (ARUN +1.7%) is supplying the Wi-Fi access points through which Google will provide high-speed Web access at 7K U.S. Starbucks stores.

Aruba is effectively displacing Cisco (CSCO +1%), which provides the access points used by current Starbucks Wi-Fi partner AT&T.

Meanwhile, IDC has estimated Cisco's enterprise Wi-Fi sales rose 16.7% Y/Y in Q2, outpacing market growth of 14.8% and leading the company's share to rise to 58.4% (up from 48.8% in Q1). Cisco reported 32% Y/Y July quarter growth for its Wi-Fi division (strong carrier Wi-Fi sales provided a boost).

Aruba, battered earlier this year by bad earnings news and concerns Cisco's bundling efforts are taking a toll, is estimated to have seen 13.6% enterprise growth and held an 11% share. The company provided more encouraging numbers earlier this week.

Ruckus (RKUS +0.1%), which gets a larger portion of its Wi-Fi sales from carriers, is believed to have seen its enterprise share rise to 5.5% in Q2 on the back of 37.3% growth.