iPhone 5S & 5C release potentially confirmed by AT&T vacation blackout: BGR

|By:, SA News Editor

The release date of Apple's (AAPL +0.2%) iPhone 5S and 5C models may have been confirmed by an AT&T employee vacation blackout for the second half of Sept., BGR reports.

Adding to the speculation: T-Mobile has reportedly issued its own vacation blackout for Sept. 20-22. And, Japan's Nikkei reported earlier this week that the 5S and 5C will go on sale in Japan on Sept. 20.

The reports confirm the timeline postulated earlier this month. AllThingsD reported that the next iPhone would be unveiled at a launch event on Sept. 10.

On the iPhone trade-in front, Best Buy appears to have front-run Apple. During the Labor Day weekend, Best Buy will offer a 50% discount on iPhone 5 purchases with a 4/4S trade-in and 2-year agreement.