TrovaGene slides, article explores company's potential

|By:, SA News Editor

Shares of TrovaGene (TROV -12.7%) have moved steadily lower throughout the session and are now down double-digits on twice their average 10-day volume.

Perhaps weighing on sentiment is an ostensibly bullish article from SA contributor Douglas House which, upon a closer read, has some rather disconcerting things to say about the company's prospects.

House flags "nosebleed" numbers for price/ book, revenue/ share, price/ to sales, and revenue/ employee and characterizes the status of TrNA testing as "embryonic."

After a lengthy review, the author does note several "TROV-specific events [that should] bolster the company's prospects over the next 1-2 years," but it's probably the last paragraph that comes across the most bearish: "This stock is not for buy-and-hold types because of its speculative nature [and] if you hold onto your position expecting to see ... the company blossoming into the next Celgene, it ain't going to happen."