Xbox One goes on sale on Nov. 22 in 13 countries

|By:, SA News Editor

Microsoft's (MSFT -1.6%) next-gen console will hit North America a week after Sony's (SNE +0.8%) PS4, but will apparently get to some European markets a week earlier.

Xbox exec Yusuf Mehdi says most of Microsoft's pre-order supply has been sold out (an incremental positive for CPU/GPU supplier AMD). Early pre-order demand was hurt by game resale/Internet verification policies Microsoft decided to backtrack on. Sony announced last month PS4 pre-orders have topped 1M.

The One, which is bundled with a new Kinect and is being pitched as a comprehensive home entertainment platform, will cost $100 more than the PS4, which has a stronger gaming focus. Eurogamer just reported Sony is working on a virtual reality headset for the PS4 that's set to launch in 2014.