More on Hedgeye's takedown of Kinder Morgan companies

|About: Kinder Morgan, Inc. (KMI)|By:, SA News Editor

Excerpts from the thrashing of the Kinder Morgan companies by Hedgeye's Kevin Kaiser as "a house of cards":

"Like a toll road - except for the E&P segment that generates +20% of KMP’s segment DCF."

"$78B of combined market cap sitting on top of $1.6B of tangible equity?"

"KMP’s investor presentation 'returns' vs. actual returns to the KMP unitholder."

"How 'Certain' are KMP’s 'Certain Items'"?

Kaiser says he'll release a full report Sept. 10.

KMI -4.3%, KMP -2.4%, KMR -3.1%, EPB -0.8%.