Samsung Galaxy Note 3, new Note 10.1 launched

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As expected, Samsung's (SSNLF.PK, SSNGY.OB) Galaxy Note 3 phablet has a mammoth 5.7" 1080p display. It also features a 13MP camera that can record 4K video, a split-screen feature called Multi Window (can run different apps or the same one), an improved S Pen stylus, new handwriting apps, and a menu of stylus-related actions (called Air Command) that pops up whenever the stylus is pulled out. (live blog)

As with the S4, Qualcomm (QCOM +0.9%) will be powering a large chunk of shipped units, no doubt thanks to its 4G baseband edge. While the 3G-only version of the Note 3 uses Samsung's (1.9GHz.., 8-core) Exynos Octa CPU, 4G models will use a (2.3GHZ., quad-core) Qualcomm Snapdragon 800.

Though featuring a bigger display than the Note II, the Note 3 is a bit lighter. The phone will hit all major U.S. carriers in October. Samsung is looking to both profit from burgeoning phablet demand, and keep competitors such as Sony, Huawei, LG, and (soon) Nokia/Microsoft at bay.

Also launched: a new Note 10.1 tablet featuring a high-res display (2560x1600), an 8MP camera, a revamped S Pen, and many of the apps/UI tricks found in the Note 3. Though Samsung's tablet share has grown to 18% (per IDC), the iPad still dominates the high-end segment, thanks in part to its edge with regards to tablet-specific apps.

Samsung is doing what it can to differentiate via unique software/services in spite of its heavy dependence on Google. The S4 came packed with proprietary Samsung tools, but sales have nonetheless fallen short of (high) targets.

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