Early Madden NFL 25 sales underwhelm

|By:, SA News Editor

Electronic Arts (EA) estimates first-week (Aug. 27-Sep. 2) retail Madden NFL 25 unit sales topped 1M. Though that figure makes the latest update to the marquee football game franchise "the highest selling game in North America in August," it's also down from the 1.65M first-week sales reported for Madden NFL 13 a year ago.

Two contributing factors: 1) Madden NFL 13 was viewed as a bigger update, thanks to its new animation engine. 2) Some gamers are likely waiting for the Xbox One/PS4 versions, which arrive after the next-gen consoles launch in November.

Also: Users of the iOS version of Madden NFL 25, which is offered on a free-to-play basis, have given the game a rating of only 3/5 stars. Many of them complain about the need to spend heavily on in-app purchases to accomplish much of anything.

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