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Putin: Russia to aid Syria if attacked

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  • Why would any country want to assist a country that uses chemical weapons on its own people?


    I do not necessarily belive that there should be western intervention, but I certaily don't think there should be assistance!
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  • Maybe because there's just as much proof that the chemical weapons were used by Saudi-funded rebels?
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  • I keep hearing about photos and videos, but I can't find anything? If its so important why keep the "proof" away from the public you are trying to convince?
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  • Let's not forget the National Hockey League rule about fighting:
    The third man into a fight is automatically ejected from the game.
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  • So in a civil war, the third man is....
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  • "You can always count on Americans to do the right thing—after they’ve tried everything else."
    Winston Churchill
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  • In a civil war, the third man is the USA...just like every other time. Leave these cave men to fight their own battles with each other and then they all end up dead
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  • What?


    Putin will resupply Assad with weapons after any American attempt to degrade the Syrian leader's systems.


    It's ludicrous that Obama is so furious over Snowden's Russian asylum that he won't talk to Putin, yet Obama thinks he can order a "limited strike" on Syria whose main supporter is Putin (along with Iran).


    I think Putin would love to draw the U.S. into a costly quagmire. Russians haven't forgotten what the Americans did in Afghanistan in the 1980s which cost Russia so dearly.


    That's why I don't think this will be as limited an engagement as Obama is talking about, though I hope I'm wrong.
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  • But we haven't done everything else yet.
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  • Iran does have the capability of striking our ships at sea, Syria doesn't but they could if Russia gives them the missiles.
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  • You are correct, "we" haven't but Obamas mouth has.
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  • WWIII, here we come!
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  • My belief would be Putin likes the cash generated from selling weapons to those countries. Just stating the obvious...
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  • It's a bit more complex than that.

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  • read phils stock world post from wednesday.
    its all about cash from arms sales. russia does it to.
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  • There's only one country that sells more weapons than Russia (about 2.5 times as much).

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  • I guess Putin will send Snowden to Syria....
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  • Putin is old school KGB. Whatever you think about George Bush, no one, I mean no one had a doubt that what Bush said, he did. That's why Putin didn't mess with Bush. Obama? All talk and no spine. He's like Carter... the Iranians knew he was a barbie doll and kept poking him in the eye to make him look stupid. But the very day Reagen took office, the Iranians knew he was the real deal and didn't want to mess with him. Who can forget Reagon's iconic demand to tear down that wall. Get Obama to do something like that now and Putin will tell him to shut up and go back to community organizing.
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  • Yeah, keep thinking that... LOL
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  • "keep thinking" - sounds like Obama in action whereas there's no need to "keep thinking" because it's already happened and is still happening. When Reagon took office, that very day the Iranians released the hostages. Iraq was costly but after Saddam got toppled, Gadaffi came clean on his nuclear ambitions and worked on cleaning up his image. Alright, now keep thinking. As the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words. After 5 years of great speeches and blaming everyone else including the red line on the "international community instead of himself (it's on tape), America's allies and foes know that whichever side of the chess board their on, America's side is like a chess player starting a game for victory without castles.... no backbone when needed.
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  • You are clueless.
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  • can't argue with the facts... has to resort to name calling. Sounds like Obama.
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  • Optionsexpert


    Where to begin. We have seen this dog and pony show before. This is no different than when Bush sent Powell to the UN to show all their "evidence" against Iraq. The difference here is, no evidence is even being shown.


    Obama says looks at these images congress...and congress being duped by probably doctored CIA psychological warfare division Hollywood fantasy production, are convinced to go to war.


    Maybe the evidence is real, but a representative government should be convincing the people, not the people who think they are in charge.


    Russia has challenged our evidence, if we are so convinced, then proving them wrong on the world stage at a UN public report should shut them up right?


    Lets go back just a few years, to Libya. Oh how that worked out so well for us, and getting rid of Mubarak has lost us Egypt as a reliable ally. Egypt also controls the straights of Hormuz where all the oil exports flow from. Disrupting the middle east has been a total disaster and its all on the administration that has no idea what they are doing, and are proving to the American people why we made another mistake last election.
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  • Russia cares about one thing, arming Syria. You honestly think this is about evidence? Everyone in the know knows what happened. You don't. Don't judge on things you have no idea about.
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  • I suppose you are in the know?
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  • Putin vs. Obama lay the points and take Putin everytime.
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  • 2 comments.........1st, the ultra-cynical.......going to war w/ Syria so conveniently distracts everyone from the IRS the time this is over, no one will remember how Obama manipulated a Govt agency for political gains......


    And 2nd, guys like Putin only respect strength. In his meeting(s) with BO, he must have inferred (correctly) that Obama is a politically-correct weakling, thus Putin is willing to take the chance of supporting Syria, or at least offering support (apart from the weapons sales noted by other writers in previous posts)
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  • Why would US/NATO fight with "rebels" who sided with Al Qaeda and cannibals? This war is everything about geopolitical interests of Saudi Arabia and Israel, and little about the Syrian people.
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  • Refreshing to hear what Putin actually said:



    Also note the difference in voice-overs in this RT version and those "translated" by interpreters in much less clear English...
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  • What a ridiculous mess. I don't happen to think the USA needs to do anything. Leave this Syrian civil war thing alone. When the day comes we need to defend our reputation because AMERICANS are involved somewhere, then fine... Get out the weed burners and clean some serious ass - but this does not qualify as involving Americans. Leave it alone. Lets watch them fight their own battle. They have only been behaving this way for about 3000 years. Does anyone seriously think we can "fix" this???? Are you kidding me????
    8 Sep 2013, 10:15 AM Reply Like
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