3D Systems slips following critical WSJ column

|About: 3D Systems Corp. (DDD)|By:, SA News Editor

The WSJ's Rolfe Winkler questions whether consumers will buy 3D's (DDD -1.4%) $1,300 Cube printer in large numbers, given high materials costs and limited use cases.

Winkler: "[The Cube] can make only tchotchkes—plastic napkin holders or chess pieces, say—that can be bought cheaply and quickly elsewhere. Even making these can require expertise with sophisticated design software."

He also notes a critique from William Blair's Brian Drab (previous). Drab asserts measuring 3D's organic growth is tough, given it has made 37 acquisitions since '09. SA contributors have made similar arguments.

3D's rising DSOs (84 days in Q2, up from 72 in Q4) and rising investments in reseller deals are also criticized.

Fortune's Clay Dillow offered a skeptical take on the 3D printing industry earlier this week (relevant to SSYS and XONE as well as 3D Systems).

Among other things, Dillow argued technology limitations will continue hindering the mass-production of many 3D-printed objects, and that patent battles and the poor quality of low-end 3D printers - Stratasys' MakerBot unit is trying to address the latter issue - could also hurt industry growth.