WSJ: Apple preparing to ship iPhones to China Mobile

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The paper adds Apple (AAPL +0.8%) has asked Foxconn to add China Mobile (CHL +1%) to the list of carriers receiving the iPhone 5C. A deal between Apple and the world's largest carrier has been increasingly expected following recent talks, comments, and event announcements.

It isn't clear from the report whether Apple will also be shipping CHL the iPhone 5S or 5.

Multiple reports emerged yesterday that Apple is also set to begin selling the iPhone to NTT DoCoMo, Meanwhile, Bloomberg observed China Mobile is believed to be driving a hard bargain with Apple. DoCoMo (60M+ high-ARPU subs) and CHL (740M+ subs, but a much lower ARPU) have easily been the largest/most lucrative carriers not to carry the iPhone.

There have also been reports over the last two days that China Unicom and Telecom will begin selling the iPhone later this month. But China Mobile sales could take longer to start, due to the need for regulators to vet an iPhone supporting the carrier's TD-LTE 4G network.