Texas Instruments launches new DLP pico projector chips

|About: Texas Instruments Inc. (TXN)|By:, SA News Editor

TI (TXN) claims its new 0.2" TRP pico (miniature) projector DLP chipset delivers twice the brightness (on a frame-by-frame basis) and resolution of its predecessor, while consuming half as much power.

These gains are attributed to the TRP's use of TI's new Tilt & Roll Pixel architecture, and its IntelliBright algorithms.

TI, whose TV DLP chipset sales aren't what they used to be, is hoping the TRP finds its way into smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, and Google Glass-like "near-eye displays." With total 2013 smartphone/tablet sales expected to surpass 1.2B, even a 3%-5% penetration rate could drive huge volumes.

DLPs continue to power a large portion of the most popular pico projectors. But there's growing competition from companies pushing liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) solutions; Himax is one notable example.