Sony launches $100 Vita TV console, new Vita handheld console

|About: Sony Corporation (SNE)|By:, SA News Editor

Sony's (SNE +1.9%) PS Vita TV is nearly the size of a pack of playing cards, and allows users to play a subset of titles developed for handheld Vita consoles when paired with the PS3's DualShock 3 controller (Sony promises 1.3K+ titles at launch time). It also lets users stream PS4 games, and (like many rival devices) provides access to a slew of streaming services.

The standalone Vita TV will go on sale in Japan for ~$100 on Nov. 14. A $150 version adds a controller and an 8GB memory card.

The console, meant to address casual gamers who might not care to spend $399 on a PS4 (or $50-$60 for its newest titles), is being launched shortly after the $99 Ouya Android console, and amid reports Google and Amazon are working on Android consoles of their own. Also, there's speculation the Apple TV set-top will soon add game controller support, given iOS 7 supports the feature.

Separately, Sony has unveiled the PS Vita 2000, an updated version of its handheld console that's 20% thinner and 15% lighter than its predecessor, and also adds 1GB of internal storage.

The Vita 2000 goes on sale on Japan on Oct. 10 for ~$200, and arrives shortly after Sony cut both U.S. and Japanese prices for the current-gen Vita in an effort to combat tough competition from Nintendo's (NTDOY.PK) $170 3DS and smartphone/tablet cannibalization.