Oaktree: Keep expectations moderate

|About: Oaktree Capital Group (OAK)|By:, SA News Editor

"Managing money in uncertain times," goes the title of Oaktree's (Howard Marks) Barclays presentation. It's a familiar theme of late for Marks. "The price for pursuing safety appears high today, and the price for accepting risk has been low of late. This combination encourages risk-taking."

His prescription includes: Keep expectations moderate, remember reasons for caution aren't imaginary - "the improbable disaster" isn't impossible, balance the many pros and cons - "it's not supposed to be easy."

Oaktree (OAK) has raised $4.3B for opportunities that didn't exist at the time of its IPO 16 months ago: Senior loans, stressed corporate credits too risky for other strategies, real estate debt, emerging market debt and equity, European dislocation fund.