iPhone 5S launched, A7 CPU uses 64-bit architecture

|By:, SA News Editor

Apple's (AAPL -0.6%) latest flagship phone is made of aluminum (like the iPhone 5), and comes in 3 colors (silver, gold, and "space gray"). Its dual-core A7 CPU uses a 64-bit architecture (prior A-series CPUs are 32-bit), which opens the door to more built-in RAM and better performance for certain applications. (live blog)

Apple declares the iPhone 5S, aided by both the A7 and iOS 7, will be up to 2x as fast than the iPhone 5. Graphics performance gains are larger in some instances (noteworthy in light of iOS 7's game controller support).

The A7 is accompanied by an M7 "motion co-processor" that "continuously measures motion data," and which Apple promises will enable new health/fitness apps. That could be a positive for InvenSense (INVN +1%).

Apple promises 10 hours of 3G talk time, 4G browsing time, and video playback time for the 5S. Standby is pegged at 250 hours.

Apple shares have bounced around some, but are nearly unchanged from where they stood before the event started.

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