Apple suppliers lower amid 5C pricing disappointment

|By:, SA News Editor

Apple suppliers Cirrus Logic (CRUS -4.7%), Qualcomm (QCOM -3.6%), Broadcom (BRCM -1.9%), Nam Tai (NTE -1%), Avago (AVGO -1.6%), and (in spite of an upgrade) Skyworks (SWKS -2%) are joining Apple itself in heading south as investors/analysts register disappointment over the iPhone 5C's premium pricing.

Long expected to be a "low-cost" iPhone that would help Apple win back share from cheaper Android phones that have proven very popular with cost-sensitive buyers in both emerging and developed markets, the 5C is instead being priced as a fill-in for the iPhone 5 (now discontinued). The 16GB model goes for an unsubsidized $549 in the U.S, and (thanks to duties/taxes) $735 in China.

Cirrus had rallied sharply in the weeks leading up to the iPhone 5S/5C launches.