Icahn bought "quite a bit" of Apple today

|About: Apple Inc. (AAPL)|By:, SA News Editor

Carl Icahn, whose CNBC appearances seem to be getting more frequent these days, told the TV network he added to his Apple (AAPL -5.5%) position today as shares fell in response to three downgrades and concerns about the iPhone 5C's pricing.

Icahn also declared Tim Cook is doing "a very good job," and stated he won't presume to tell Apple "how to run their business" (so much for prodding Apple to buy Nuance). Last month, Icahn said he plans to have dinner with Cook in September to discuss a larger buyback.

Also: 9to5 Mac and MG Siegler both report a new Apple TV set-top is in the works. Siegler states it will launch in October; 9to5 Mac isn't sure of the ETA. Separately, AllThingsD reports existing Apple TV boxes will get a software update on Sep. 18, the same day iOS 7 and iTunes Radio will be released.