Report: Next-gen Boeing Dreamliner set to fly next week

CNBC and Reuters report Boeing's (BA) 787-9 Dreamliner is scheduled to fly next week.

CNBC states the plane, which both seats more passengers and has more range than the regular 787 Dreamliner, could fly as early as Tuesday. Reuters' sources say a flight is "tentatively planned for the middle or end of next week, although it could still be delayed by technical factors and weather."

Boeing finished construction of the first 787-9 last month.

BA +0.6% AH.

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    Is this bird flying from Charleston?
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    Will the 787-9 save Boeing Reputation or be the final down fall of The Boeing Company alone with its CEO as report on Fox FBN on 9-13-2013


    The 787-9 will entry flight test in the next few weeks and the A350-900 is in flight test now the airlines, the stock holder and the press will be watching


    Can the Boeing stock holder afford to keep the Boeing managements with their track recorded
    Can Boeing afford to have a repeat of the 787-8 program with the 787-9 & -10, 737-Max, 777-X, (the export tanker, 737NG) alone with 31 other military program that Boeing has been fine 31 billion dollars
    Kc-46 is 900 million over budget and Boeing must prove itself on the first 18 aircrafts
    Boeing has taken 936 orders for the 787
    787-8 498, 787-9 388 and 787-10 50 with 83 delivery and 114 cancelation see
    The 787 started on 3-28-2003 and only 83 has been delivery and Boeing need to sell 1100 787 to break even that was before the late delivery and the grounding and the 747-8 has 111 orders and 52 delivery and is two years late and 2.04 Billion over budgets
    Boeing told investor it would assembly one 787 ever three day or 10 a month
    Boeing has yet to meet 10 787 aircraft per month, of fix its inspection process, Quality Control and Quality Assurance problems
    Boeing now has a class-action law suits
    Airbus A320neo + Boeing 737MAX - Orders and Commitments
    Many airlines are not replacing there exist Boeing aircraft, since Boeing CEO James McNerney, and GE CEO Jeff" Immelt are member of the board on the Import-Export Bank, that made better loan to foreign airlines at a lower interest rate
    Delta, and other Airline Group have file law suits against The U.S. Export-Import Bank over Air India Loan Guarantees
    The list of indictments of Boeing Chairman and CEO W. James McNerney Jr. continues to grow. His administration at Boeing began in 2005 at about the same time as development of the 787 began in earnest. All of the delays and flaws of the project have happened on his watch.
    Jim" McNerney, the CEO got a 27 million bones and Ray Conner get 60,000 share of stock
    CEO W. James McNerney should be fire over he’s action at The U.S. Export-Import Bank that cost Boeing orders
    Boeing Falls Behind Airbus in Orders and Deliveries - 24/7 Wall St.


    787-8 time line of problems
    Many airlines wanted compensation due to all the problems with the 787 and for the grounding and late delivery, the 787 was 3.5 years late before the first aircraft was delivery

    After Phil Condit become CEO (Phil Condit was the only hand on manager on the 777-200) Alan Mulally, CEO Harry Stonecipher Jim Mc Nerney both are from GE, that has ran Boeing into the ground
    Lars Andersen, the top 777 engineer who came out of retirement to act as the consultant on the 777X, left the project earlier this summer, unhappy about a shift in the program.
    Alan Mulally, CEO Harry Stonecipher, Walt Gillette and Jim Albaugh has left Boeing too, Michael Bair got move side way
    Ron Woodard was fire in 1998 due to all the problems with the 737NG
    Boeing shuffles high-ranking engineering execs
    Boeing announced a reshuffling of top engineering executives in the Commercial Airplanes unit. Mike Sinnett leaves his post as chief project engineer for the 787 Dreamliner.
    Boeing will replace some of its top management this make about the 4th time Boeing has make an adjustment in management of the 787 program
    Jim Albaugh, Michael (Mike) B. Bair. Allen, Mulally, Larry Loftis, Lars Andersen
    In 1996 Boeing had the following problems that are outline in the business week stories
    Boeing is laying off its workforce and has sold off its Manufacturing Infrastructure to other aircraft companies, Spirit AeroSystems, Vought, ect see Manufacturing and suppliers
    What is the health of aerospace supplier and vendors see
    Spirit will sell off its two plants in Oklahoma
    Spirit AeroSystems swings to loss on $448M charge last years it was 598 millions
    Boeing has lay off about 1700 employee this year
    40% of Boeing workforce will be retiring over the next five years, in 1993-1997 Boeing layoff 37% including 8900 of its top manager, that took retirement due to cost over run on the 777, 737NG, MRM-DACA and in 2009 Boeing layoff 10% of Boeing workforce due to poor sell of commercial aircrafts
    The Japan and Asia economy has been slow to recover from the worst recession, since 1997 and Boeing did not build the Double Decker 747-500 & -600, Sonic curies, 797- X48 ect or the Boeing yellow stone project see
    Most airline stock price is under a $100 share due to the high cost of fuel price that will impact the sale of new aircrafts see


    Boeing has yet to modernize its factories with automation to meet the world need of 35,000 new aircraft over the next twenty years
    Boeing slows the pace on 777-X
    The slowdown in the schedule for the so-called 777-X has raised suspicion within the industry that despite a competitive threat from rival Airbus, Boeing's management in Chicago is unwilling to commit the money because of the risk attached to doing several major new jet programs at once. But Boeing has money for the CEO bonuses of 27 million and Ray Conner of 60,000 share of stock


    Boeing The Current Market Outlook see


    Airbus Global Market Forecast 2012-2031 see


    Average Fleet Age for Selected Airlines see
    Boeing is not the only aircraft assembler in the world, Airbus A320, Bombardier C-Series, Comac C919, Irkut MS-21 and Embraer


    Bombardier C-Series and Airbus is two years ahead of Boeing
    In 1989 during the design of the 777-200 Boeing did not see the need to update the rest of the produce line with 777-200 technological, with composite parts to save weight ect
    Airbus A320NEO is out selling the 737-Max which is still on the drawing board


    The Boeing product line is out dated the 747-100 was design in 1961, 737 in 1966, 757 & 767 in 1972, 777-200 in 1989, 737NG in 1997, 787-8 in 2003, 787-9 2013
    What does Boeing need with 747-8, 777-200 &-300 777-X, 767-200,-300,-400, 787-8, -9, -10 all in the same markets that rarely use on domestic route?
    The irony about the A350-900 and others Airbus aircrafts ect is that the parts and subassembly are being products in factories once own by Boeing, Boeing Renton was build in 1936 and Everett was Build in 1966 and is now are only completions center
    The Airbus A350-900, A320, A330, Kc-30 and A380 are in production in the 787-10, 777-X, 737-Max, ARE NOT
    The 787-10 and 777-X and some of the 737-Max will be build and assembly in South Carolina in the 480 wide assembly bays
    Boeing seeks factory in Charleston area for engineering, assembly of 737 ...
    It is amazing that Boeing stock is over $111.33 a share since has yet to make a profit on the 787-8 and the 747-8.
    The Space shuttle program has ended, the Northrop F/A-18, Douglas C-17, McDonnell F-15E, Lockheed F-22 are coming to end
    See Boeing annual report
    Spirit AeroSystems stock price is $24.05
    Aug 12 (Reuters) - Spirit AeroSystems Holdings Inc, a key supplier of aircraft components to Boeing, Airbus and other plane makers, said its earnings swung to a loss in the latest quarter due to $448 million in cost overruns on several aircraft wing programs.
    The 787 is not the first composite aircraft, composite has been around since 1978 on Northrop F/A-18A, B-2 Bomber and other aircraft like Beech Craft Star Ship One, Lear 85 to name a few,
    The 787 is overweight, since composite aircraft need a grounding path return, for lightening strike and the aircraft avionics that cause Boeing to add grounding systems to the 787 aircraft that cause the first aircraft to be 9.8 ton, 6.8 then 4.8 overweight line number 126 787-9 may meet its target weight requirement


    its costing Boeing 5 million dollars a day to operator the 787 program
    Boeing stolen the Northrop B-2 composite manual to used on the 777, 787 ect

    Boeing 787 is using two Lithium Ion Batteries that cost $1600.00 each and weighing 68 pounds that cause a 4 months grounding of the 787 program
    The Lithium-Ion Batteries alone with the other problems that cause a four months grounding of the 787, the airlines now want compensation for grounding alone with late delivery fee
    That FAA impose Special condition on the 787 after the lost of flight 6 a UPS 747-400 freighter that crash
    FAA Issues Emergency AD for Cessna 525C Airplanes | Aero …
    In October 2010, the FAA issued a Safety Alert for Operators highlighting the fact that the cargo on board Flight 6 contained a large quantity of lithium-ion batteries and that Halon 1301 was inefficient in fighting fires involving them.
    The FAA issued a restriction on the carrying of lithium batteries in bulk on passenger flights.
    Boeing fixes was to modify the battery and place the batteries inside a box without any cooling or sensor to warn the flight crews
    Dangers of Lithium-Ion Batteries Aboard Aircraft
    Possible Solutions for the Battery Problem on the Boeing 787
    It took the Boston Airport Fire Department 90 min and 50 Fire Flightier and Fire Trucks to put out the fire and that with the aircraft on the ground
    Boeing has been kept afloat from the Defense and Space program from North America Aviation, Hughes Aircraft and the meager with McDonnell- Douglas that CEO Phil Condit bought in 1996 to make Boeing the lager aerospace company
    The 747-8 is two years late. 2.04 Billions Over budgets and overweight Boeing has only sold 111 787-8 (VS 694 747-400) only 52 747-8 has been delivery in the last two years Most airline are not replacing there older Boeing aircraft with newer Boeing aircrafts the 747 are too expanses to operator and maintain
    Air India and Jet Air is leasing out there 777


    Air India has decided to sell five out of its eight Boeing 777-200LR aircraft owing to changes in market dynamics due to the Global recession, steep increase in fuel prices and poor yields on non-stop routes,


    It cost Boeing 32 million to assembly the first 40 aircrafts, the first 40 aircrafts had to park and later rework due to the wing box, wrong fasteners, lost of configurations control ect, Boeing kept the 787 in production that cost Boeing more to fix
    Boeing is 3.5 years late with delivery to airline that cause Boeing to pay late fee to airlines
    Boeing told investor it’s would assemble 10 787 per month before Boeing had set assembly line now Boeing has class action laws suites file against the company
    The complaint, filed in the Southern District of Illinois, charges Boeing and certain of its officers and directors with violations of the federal securities laws concerning false and misleading statements regarding the 787 Dreamliner. The complaint alleges that Defendants failed to inform investors that the 787 had structural problems
    "Jim" McNerney, the CEO of Boeing who is from GE and 3M alone with several member of the Boeing: Board of Directors took over Boeing after the 767 tanker corruption in 2003 where Boeing was paying off Darleen Druyunfor over ten years to win military contacts
    The 787 is Risk Sharing program and is being subsidize by the Washington state south Caroline, The Federal Government and the Government of Japan alone with the tax payer of Washington state south Caroline

    What Boeing does next will determine Boeing Future.
    Boeing may miss the boat if Boeing waits to offer the 737 MAX in 2017 and 777-X in 2019 and the 787-10 is TBD
    Boeing has offer the 777-100 & combo at the Pair Air shown in 1995 and the 777-X twice before (Boeing did not build the double Decker 747-500 & -500 in 1997 or the Sonic Cruiser or the X-48- 797 BWB)
    What does Boeing need with the 777-200 &-300, 787-8,-9,-10, 747-8,and the 767 all in the same marker that are rarely use on domestic route like DC-10,MD-11 and L-1011 that where on oversea route and domestic route
    That why the 777-X has taken a back seat since 1995 to the 787-8,-9,-10 alone with the 737MX
    Boeing has offer the 777-X and 787-10 after Airbus A-350 when into production and the problems with late delivery with 747-8 of 52 deliveries in the late two years and 84 deliveries of the 787-8 in the last 10 years
    British Airways has placed a $6bn order for A350-1000 jets from rival Airbus.
    How many airport can handle a 777-X ?
    Boeing must keep the 777-X as a code E aircraft to be used at existing airports without modification
    How many airlines will need a 777-X that can fly non-stop for 9,000 mile and carries 400 passengers?


    Air India and Jet Air has decided to sell five out of its eight Boeing 777-200LR aircraft owing to changes in market dynamics due to the Global recession, steep increase in fuel prices and poor yields on non-stop routes,



    Delta has already has orders with Boeing for 18 787s and Delta confirms plan to buy 109 Boeing 737s
    Delta Air Lines said it will buy 40 more Airbus planes
    British Airways Poised to Dump Boeing
    British Airways Poised to Dump Boeing - 24/7 Wall St.
    Singapore Airlines likely to convert orders to A350-900 & -1000
    Lion Air orders 234 A320 Family aircraft › Press centre › Press releases
    American Airlines takes first of its 260 Airbus airplanes on order
    Airbus, ANA & JAL in Discussions For A350 Orders
    Air China Places Order for 100 Airbus SAS Aircraft
    Airbus wins $7 billion Philippine Air order
    The question is where will the 777-X will build and assembly at ? Japan or South Caroline
    The former Vought plant in South Caroline has climate control factories, clear room, composite equipment, train workforce for composite and 480 feet wide assembly bay and tax break The aerospace giant recently committed to investing another $1.1 billion and creating 2,000 more jobs in South Carolina in exchange for $120 million in state money that can be used for land purchases and infrastructure work.
    Maybe Speea and the IAM could buy a 747-8 and fly their lay off settle workers to south Caroline and the other Boeing location in the United States
    Charleston County has also agreed to reduce Boeing’s tax burden and to spend $80 million of the fees Boeing will be paying on road improvements around and between its factories.
    Boeing is also poised to buy 320 acres from the Charleston County Aviation Authority, a deal that’s under review by the Federal Aviation Administration.
    The biggest aircraft that Everett can assembly is the 747-8 with a wing span of 234.7 feet
    Plane Talking The Boeing 777-X files August 20, 2011 – 12:38 pm, by Ben Sandilands
    Boeing isn’t choosing this early between significant use of composites or hybrid or upgraded metallic alloys in what is a predominantly aluminum airframe in current 777s
    Its quicker and cheaper to build aircrafts from metal then composite which is a slow process that requiring a clear room, composite equipment, train workforce for composite, the barrels section must spin up and bake
    Where is the market for the 777-X which has offer twice before alone with the 777-100 & combi in 1995 at the Pair air shown
    How many airlines will need a 777-X that can fly non-stop for 9,000 mile and carry 400 passengers?
    Air Bus has sold 36 of the A340-500 the longest aircraft available
    A380 has 262 orders and 108 deliveries
    Boeing has 111 orders for 747-8 and has delivery 52
    787 has 936 orders 114 cancelations and 84 delivery in ten years
    Qantas drops order for 35 Boeing 787-9s
    EasyJet Sets $11.5 Billion Deal to Buy Airbus A320, Crushing Boeing
    EasyJet will buy a number of planes from Airbus in a setback to rival Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA), which has had a share of setbacks due to problems with batteries on its 787 Dreamliner. The battery problem took the Dreamliner out of service for months.
    Air India will take delivery of their 787s... But now Air India wanted compensation for 787 failures to meet performance guarantees.


    Air India and Jet air has decided to sell five out of its eight Boeing 777-200LR aircraft owing to changes in market dynamics due to the Global recession, steep increase in fuel prices and poor yields on non-stop routes,


    Boeing 777X to spark mini-jumbo war


    Boeing must kept the 777X wing as ICAO Code E wing span of 213.3 feet



    The 787 is not the first composite aircraft
    Composite have around since 1978 on Northrop F/A-18A, B-2 Bomber and other aircraft like Beech craft star ship one, Lear 85 to name a few


    Boeing stole the Northrop B-2 composite manual to used on the 777, 787 ect
    its is time to give Boeing CEO his golden parachute retirement and the stock holder should loan the CEO a C-17 and fly over one of the World's Most Active Volcanoes
    16 Sep 2013, 03:26 AM Reply Like
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