Prima BioMed plunges on topline Phase 2 CVac analysis

|About: Prima BioMed Ltd (PBMD)|By:, SA News Editor

Prima BioMed (PBMD -31.3%) plummets after releasing a topline analysis of the CVac epithelial ovarian cancer Phase 2 study.

PFS data prove "inconclusive" as "the estimate of median progression-free survival for all randomized patients resulted in no observed difference between the CVac and control groups."

When estimated separately for patients in first and second remission, median PFS favored the control arm for first remission and CVac for second remission (no statistical significance for either result).

It's too early to draw OS conclusions.

The company says the recent MAGE-A3 melanoma trial results might "indicate that PFS (and similar endpoints like disease-free survival) may not be useful markers of clinical benefit for cancer immunotherapeutics." (PR)