More on Apple: iOS 7, 5C pre-orders, sapphire touchscreen rumor

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iOS 7 (AAPL +2.3%) is now available for download, flat icons and all. Also being released is iTunes 11.1, which adds iTunes Radio and a new Genius Shuffle feature.

Developers have been busy making their apps iOS 7-friendly. Apple blogger/fan Pixel Envy has provided a very comprehensive review of the OS.

A U.S. carrier source tells Reuters iPhone 5C pre-orders haven't been "overwhelming," and that supply for both the 5S and 5C has disappointed. Multiple reports emerged yesterday of tight 5S inventories.

Hit-and-miss Digitimes reports the 5th-gen iPad and retina iPad Mini will join the iPhone 5S in having sapphire home buttons (presumably with fingerprint sensors underneath), and that iPhone 6 will "possibly" feature sapphire touchscreen cover glass.

Sapphire is thinner and more scratch-resistant than current cover glass solutions such as Gorilla Glass, but is also much more expensive.

Also: Apple chairman and former Genentech CEO Arthur Levinson has agreed to become the CEO of (and an initial investor in) Calico, a Google company set to work on anti-aging technology. Tim Cook provides some high praise for Levinson in the PR.

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