Microsoft launches new Windows RT tablet, could have market mostly to itself

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The new RT tablet, simply known as Surface 2 (MSFT +0.1%), offers a better display than the Surface RT (1080p vs. 1366x768) to go with a revamped kickstand, improved battery life (Microsoft promises a 25% gain), and Nvidia (NVDA -1.4%) Tegra 4 CPU (the RT used a Tegra 3). (live blog) (details)

Revamped Touch Cover and Type Cover accessories are also being shown off. The new Touch Cover has 1,092 sensors, whereas the original only had 80.

The Surface 2 will start at a high-end price point of $449; though demand for ~$200 Android tablets has taken off, companies other than Apple have largely had a rough time competing in the high-end. The Surface Pro 2, which is more of a PC/tablet convertible than a standard tablet, starts at $899.

PC OEMs have been abandoning the RT tablet market, as the ARM-based platform struggles with weak demand and a dearth of developer support relative to iOS/Android.

Microsoft announced today there are now 100K apps in the Windows Store, up from 10K a year ago. The Windows Store covers both Window 8 and RT apps.

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