Rambus extends Freescale licensing deal to 2018, expands its scope

|By:, SA News Editor

Rambus (RMBS) and Freescale (FSL) have extended a memory controller/serial link patent licensing deal (signed in 2011) that was previously set to expire in 2016 to 2018. (PR)

In addition, the deal has been expanded to give Freescale the ability to collaborate with Rambus on the latter's embedded resistive memory (eRRAM) tech.

RRAM is being touted by its proponents as a replacement for NAND flash memory. Startup Crossbar, one of resistive RRAM's biggest evangelists, asserts the memory can deliver huge improvements in density, read speeds, power consumption, and endurance over NAND, all while retaining data in the absence of a charge (like NAND, and unlike DRAM). Of course, many would-be NAND and DRAM alternatives have come and gone over the years.