EA closes higher as FIFA 14 launches to decent reviews

|By:, SA News Editor

Electronic Arts' (EA +1.4%) FIFA 14 became available in North America today. Selling points include improved game physics and AI, and new team and multi-player modes. Like Madden NFL 25, the mobile versions of the game are being offered on a free-to-play basis.

The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of FIFA 14 respectively have Metacritic scores of 85/100 and 86/100.

Joystiq: "[FIFA 14] is a more deliberate, challenging game with less forgiveness, though it still mostly resembles the FIFA we're used to. It's better in some ways, especially with the fresh menu system and added strategic depth in both manager career mode and Ultimate Team."

The franchise's online services have become a big money-maker for EA, especially in international markets. Total FIFA digital net revenue was close to $350M in FY13.