Energy Transfer looks to take advantage of coming MLP deals

|About: Energy Transfer Partners, L.P. (ETP)|By:, SA News Editor

"I believe you’re going to see some MLPs look for a warm spot to go curl up as early as next year," Kelcy Warren says in predicting a new round of pipeline mergers and acquisitions as more operators feel financial pressure - creating growth opportunities for larger operators like Warren's own Energy Transfer Partners (ETP; ETE).

Energy Transfer’s planned return to the deal making may alarm investors concerned at the level of debt and would prefer to see Warren concentrate on making the most of what he’s already got; “they’ve bought enough assets at this point," one analyst says.

Warren isn’t limiting his growth plans to acquisitions; pipeline construction and conversion projects are still on the drawing board, including its 420K bbl/day Trunkline crude project to carry oil from Illinois to the Gulf coast.