New AMD GPUs priced aggressively, will Nvidia counter?

|By:, SA News Editor

With AMD (AMD -0.4%) aggressively pricing its new R7 and R9 (Hawaii) GPUs in an effort to win back share recently lost to Nvidia (NVDA -0.7%), graphics card OEM sources tell Digitimes they expect Nvidia to be pressured to offer price cuts of its own by late November, and to launch new mid-range ($149-$249) GPUs.

Disclosed MSRPs for the first Hawaii-based graphics cards range from $89 for the entry-level R7 250 to $299 for the R9 280X. Pricing hasn't yet been disclosed for the flagship R9 290X, though it will be available for pre-order on Oct. 3.

There are already expectations Nvidia will refresh its Kepler GPU line this fall, ahead of launching its next-gen Maxwell GPUs in Q1 2014.