Breaking Bad ends, but AMCX Networks just getting started

|By:, SA News Editor

The final episode of Emmy-winning Breaking Bad tomorrow will mark the end of a show that helped show the power of Netflix (NFLX) and the resiliency of the Pay TV model all at once.

The cult favorite owes a debt to Netflix for helping viewership catch up to critical acclaim - while also serving as an example of the power of bundling TV networks with the show unlikely to have survived an a la carte system.

Ratings for Sunday night's finale of the AMC show are expected to be sky high and parent AMC Networks is reported to be landing $250K per 30-second spot.

Life after Breaking Bad: Shares of AMCX Networks (AMCX) are already up 35% YTD, but Barron's thinks there is more upside potential. Cable properties AMC, IFC, Sundance, and We TV are all underutilized and could use original programming to launch to new heights. All it takes is one hit and a dose of Netflix.