Facebook tweaks app ads, Google steps up measurement competition

|About: Facebook (FB)|By:, SA News Editor

Facebook (FB) has updated its app install ad product to give developers the ability to send reminder ads within Facebook's apps to users who have rarely opened a downloaded app. The ad might feature a prompt such as "Watch Video" that opens up an app when clicked.

Facebook also discloses its app install ads have now driven 145M downloads; that suggests the download rate has grown quickly from the 25M reported for Q1. 8.4K developers used the ads in Q2.

Meanwhile, Google (GOOG), which is increasingly competing with Facebook in the online and mobile ad realms (both directly and indirectly), has launched Estimated Total Conversions, a measurement tool for its core AdWords search ad platform that uses Google login data to track ad conversions across devices.

Google says a travel ad test for the tool led to an 8% increase in tracked conversions, and a 33% increase "conversions that originated on a mobile phone and later converted on different device." Thus, like Enhanced Campaigns, the product aims to integrate PC and mobile advertising, and in doing so lift mobile ad rates.

BI observes Facebook rolled out a cross-device conversion tracking tool in January. The company is also relying on the purchase of Microsoft's Atlas unit to improve ad measurement.