Kindle Fire HDX reviews positive, but Google Play missed

|By:, SA News Editor

Reviewers of Amazon's (AMZN) 7" Kindle Fire HDX generally find the tablet to be a big improvement over the 7" Fire HD. But while the reviews are positive, they're not quite glowing.

The Verge's David Pierce (7.8/10) calls the HDX's high-res display "gorgeous," its X-Ray media information service "insanely powerful," and its Mayday live video customer support service "brilliant." At the same time, the lack of Google Play support is said to make the HDX's functionality "severely limited." In addition to lacking Google's apps/services, there’s "no Netflix, no Candy Crush, few to-do list apps or big-name games."

Engadget's Brian Heater also takes aim at the lack of Google Play support, as well as the fact users have to pay an extra $15 to get rid of Amazon's ads. On the other hand, the HDX bested every Android tablet it squared off against in a battery life test. CNET (4/5 stars) praises the performance of the HDX's Snapdragon 800 CPU, as do others.

The Fire HDX's $229 price tag ($244 without ads) is soundly above that of many 7" Android tablets backed by Google apps/services, as Amazon's own site demonstrates. Amazon is offering a revamped Fire HD for $139 ($154 without ads), but its specs don't measure up to the HDX's.

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