Google, Nokia smartwatches reportedly set to launch

|By:, SA News Editor

Android Police's Artem Russakovskii reports hearing Google (GOOG -0.3%) will "announce a Nexus watch," likely in tandem with the unveiling of Android 4.4 (KitKat). Russakovskii previously reported an Android 4.4 event will launch on Oct. 31.

There have already been multiple reports of a Google smartwatch project being underway, but product details have been limited.

Meanwhile, a Chinese site has leaked two pictures of a device said to be a Nokia smartwatch. However, neither picture shows the watch's display, never mind its software/UI.

A source told The Verge last month Nokia will launch new accessories (to go with 6+ devices) at an Oct. 22 event, and that one of them will be "pretty special."

Microsoft (MSFT -0.5%), which will soon be taking possession of Nokia's Devices & Services unit, was reported in July to have built a smartwatch prototype of its own.

The latest reports come as Samsung begins shipping its Galaxy Gear smartwatch to harsh reviews. Apple's much-rumored iWatch might see a 2H14 launch.