Apple roundup: 5S/5C availability, Wal-mart, India,

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In spite of limited early 5S supplies due to fingerprint sensor issues, Gene Munster says checks at 60 Apple Stores (AAPL -0.1%) indicate at least one grey model was available at nearly every store. That's better than the situation a year ago, when the iPhone 5 was almost impossible to find.

A spreadsheet from BTIG's Walter Piecyk provides mixed data on 5S availability. While AT&T and Verizon are indicating long shipment times for gold models, AT&T has 32GB and 64GB grey/silver models available, and 7-14-day shipping times for the 16GB versions. Verizon's times for grey/silver models range from 11-32 days, and Apple's online store only promises to ship ordered iPhones somewhere in October.

Wal-mart, no stranger to iPhone discounts, has begun selling the 16GB 5C for a subsidized $45 (it normally goes for $99).

India's Economic Times reports Apple wants to set up 100 Indian stores via franchises as part of an effort to penetrate smaller Indian cities. Apple has used promotions, installment plans, and an ad campaign over the last 12 months to rapidly grow its Indian iPhone sales off a small base.